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Active Shooter Training for Hospitals & Healthcare Organizations

Empower your staff to help prevent and survive an active shooter incident.

Although many hospitals and health care organizations make workplace violence training available to staff, they are often missing the critical measures to prevent and respond to an active shooter attack.

Active shooter and violent intruder events in the workplace are becoming ever more commonplace. All healthcare employers should prepare their staff with the necessary training.

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Is Your Hospital or Healthcare Organization Prepared For the Unthinkable?

Whether your facility is a critical-care hospital, a skilled nursing facility (SNF), a medical office, a nursing home, a mental health facility, a dialysis center, a clinic, a rehabilitation center or a community health site, your staff need to feels safe, just as patients need to feel safe when they are under medical care. Prioritizing safety in a healthcare environment is more important than ever. Statistically, the chance of an attack is low. The high consequences of an attack, of death and injuries, proves that it is always better to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

With National VIPS, you can get the knowledge and training required to keep your organization safe and minimize the risk associated with active shooters or other violent intruders.

Why Hospitals & Healthcare Organizations Need Violent Intruder Training More Than Ever?

While hospital shootings or incidents at hospitals involving violent intruders are not an everyday concern, they do happen. Hospitals also have to contend with heightened vulnerability. This means that it is vital to train your staff to react and adapt in the event of a violent intruder or active shooter incident.

This vulnerability stems from various sources. First and foremost, just about anyone can walk into a hospital or clinic without being stopped or questioned. This ensures that people who need emergency medical attention can access these services without delay. Unfortunately, this also means that violent individuals can enter hospitals and similar healthcare facilities just as easily.

Many patients may also be suffering from mental illness or the temporary effects of drug use, which can increase the chances of a violent encounter. As a result, hospital and healthcare staff are four times more likely to be victims of assault than private sector workers. Therefore, it is vital that the healthcare organization’s leadership provide comprehensive active shooter and violent intruder training to all staff members.

What You Will Learn

Violent Intruder and Active Shooter Training

National VIPS active shooter and violent intruder training is focused on reality-based situations, but it is not meant to inflict fear on your staff members. On the contrary, our training sessions emphasize confidence and self-empowerment in the face of potential security threats. Here are a few of the key strategies you can expect to learn in one of our training courses:

How to identify risk factors for workplace violence

How to recognize behavioral warning signs of violence in individuals

After an included vulnerability assessment, get guidance and advice to reduce risk

How to take immediate action to reduce injuries and reduce the risk of fatalities by employing response options taught in the course

How to alert staff and others and how to give them second by second instructions that may save their lives

How local law enforcement will respond and how to not be a problem for them.

How to reduce the prevalence of emotional trauma through referrals to the appropriate professionals

Why Healthcare Professionals Trust National VIPS

National VIPS offers so much more than a run-of-the-mill security briefing. Hospitals and healthcare facilities turn to us for help with active shooter drills and awareness because we offer more expertise than any other provider.

Our instructors have nearly a century of combined experience in law enforcement and emergency management. Additionally, National VIPS takes a client-centered approach to ensure that every course is completely customized to fit the needs of your business.

Prepare Your Healthcare Staff For Emergency Situations

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, we make sure that our training sessions and drills do not interfere with the ability of your staff to care for patients. At National VIPS, we work around your schedule and do everything in our power to meet your specific requirements.
  • Hundreds of hospital shootings happen around the United States every year, with roughly 30% of these events occurring in the Emergency Departments. However, the chances of experiencing a hospital shooting are still relatively low. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict with complete accuracy if and when these events will occur, making prevention training an essential tool for your medical staff.
  • Yes, after the initial training presentation, our experts allow program attendees to participate in full-scale exercises or tabletop exercises to practice what they have learned. These hands-on workshops are great for tactile learners and help reinforce all of the information discussed during the active shooter training presentation.