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Active Shooter Training

Be Prepared For an Active Shooter With National VIPS

As we have seen in recent years, you never truly know when and where an active shooter attack will take place. It could be at your workplace, where you send your children to school, where you worship, where you recreate; in fact, any place where people gather.

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Active Shooter Prevention and Response Training—What to Expect

Many providers offer generic classes that do not customize active shooter training to the unique needs of your organization. For this reason, the experts at National VIPS get to know your organization before crafting personalized training for your leadership team and employees. With this active shooter training, you can expect all of the following:

Interactive audio-visual presentations, discussions, and drills conducted by experienced and dynamic instructors

Instruction for all staff and administration levels

Reality-based scenarios to enhance the learning experience

Draft policy and procedures are provided to match training with your internal documentation

Customized on-site training that synchronizes with your organization’s schedule

Vulnerability Assessment to ensure that the instruction best suits the organization and the facility.

What We Emphasize at National VIPS

Our training covers a wide range of topics and scenarios to ensure that we can be helpful in making your staff feel safer and more confident. We are forthright, yet sensitive, when discussing the nature of active shooter prevention and response. Consequently, we focus on all of the following topics:


Preventing an active shooter is one of the most important objectives of our training. An attack that is prevented will always have zero casualties.

Make or Listen for Alerts

Communication of an in-progress threat is important for staff to make critical decisions. How an alert is issued is possible and unique to every facility.


Creating distance between you and danger is always best. We take you through the process of getting to safety as quickly as possible.


Lockdown procedures can ensure that active shooters are blocked off from some or all of your facility, greatly reducing the risk of casualties.


We cover best practices for defusing a situation before it starts, or when there are no other options.


Our presentations teach options to distract or disrupt an attacker’s ability to commit violence.


As a last resort, your staff need to know the tactics and measures for resisting an active shooter.

Why Organizations Trust National VIPS

Many of our competitors rely on pre-made training that is only updated every so often (if at all). This simply does not offer the kind of reassurance and confidence your organization needs to deal with an active shooter. Alternatively, National VIPS uses years of experience in law enforcement, working with organizations, and intensive research to customized active shooter training for every client. This way, you can rest easy knowing that you are working with a knowledgeable team that will get to know your leaders, staff, and facility before creating a training plan to fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There were nearly 700 mass shootings in the United States in 2021, not including the many active shooters who were stopped before causing casualties. That said, there are millions of businesses across the country. This means that there is less than a 1% that your organization will fall victim to an active shooter. Unfortunately, there is always some risk that it could happen, making active shooter training a potentially life-saving decision for you and your staff. As you will hear in the presentation, you are more likely to be killed by being struck by lightening than to be killed by an active shooter attack. This does not negate the importance of the training, because we owe it to the people of our organizations that they feel safe, secure and confident in their workplace.
  • After our experts have finished their presentation and opened the floor to questions, we offer a mix of services including: post-presentation department-specific training meetings, tabletop drills and functional or full-scale exercises. These can either be active drills or tabletop drills, depending on the wants and needs of your staff. In any case these activities help your staff members to practice their new skills and cement the course information in their memories.
  • No, our active shooter training presentations do not involve guns or any object that simulates a gun. While we do run through reality-based scenarios, we also understand that people should not be frightened just to go to work or traumatized by workplace safety training. So, while we do discuss real scenarios, we are extraordinarily careful not to do anything that will provoke a strong emotional reaction.