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Is your organization prepared to prevent and respond to an active shooter?

Get customized training so that the people of your organizations have the confidence and knowledge to survive a violent intruder attack. Our vulnerability assessments, training and exercises are focused on your specific needs and unique nature of your organization.

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Active Shooter Training

We custom build active shooter/violent intruder prevention and response training programs to meet the specific needs of each client.

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Vulnerability Assessment

So that we can get to know your organization before crafting an active shooter training presentation, we conduct a vulnerability assessment. This allows our experts to evaluate any potential security risks related to your property, foot traffic, interactions, or daily processes.

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Virtual Active Shooter Training

If it better serves your organizations, national VIPS also offers virtual training. These presentations provide all the same information and allow attendees to ask questions or engage in discussion, as desired.

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  • A hard-working violent intruder preparedness training and consulting firm.

    Established in 2013, we have spent years providing a direct approach to violent intruder preparedness.

  • We want you to recognize and reduce the threat

    Our training aims to reduce the risk of injury and increase your chances of survival should the worst come to pass.

  • Police are now the ‘second responders’

    When a violent intruder enters your organization, your staff and team members become the first responders — and you need to be prepared.

Replace Your Fear With Confidence

At National VIPS, we provide violent intruder preparedness, prevention, and response solutions. These include drills, training, and exercises, as well as vulnerability and threat assessments. In short, we offer our clients the full package.

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The Statistics On Active Shootings

The data shows that violent intruders and active shootings are only becoming more commonplace in the U.S. Here are some stats related to active shooter incidents between 2017 and 2021. [Learn More]

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  • 192

    Number of active shooter incidents

  • 96.8

    Increase in shootings as a percentage

  • 472

    Number of people killed

  • 1,152

    Number of people injured

  • 1,624

    Total casualties

  • 6

    Citizen engagements with a shooter

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Active shooter prevention helps business leadership teams develop a plan of action and a system of communication to stop violent acts in the workplace before they start. This aspect of training also provides employees at every level with the knowledge they need to identify potential threats or vulnerabilities early on. In short, active shooter prevention is a series of strategies to greatly reduce the risk of experiencing an active shooter incident.
  • National VIPs is managed by former law enforcement and military personnel who are highly trained in violence prevention, de-escalation, and emergency preparedness. Moreover, unlike most providers that just offer generic presentations, National VIPS creates every course from scratch based on the unique needs and qualities of your organization.
  • The exact process varies from one organization to the next. However, most workplaces need a vulnerability assessment of their property and staff, as well as expert advice on best practices before, during, and even after an emergency situation. If you have recently experienced a violent incident, National VIPS can also help your staff seek out any counseling they may need.
  • While it is a very serious subject matter, National VIPS want everyone to feel safe, comfortable, and confident during and after every presentation. We do not aim to traumatize people or exaggerate the threat of violence. Instead, we offer the tools employees and organizations need to safely prevent and manage hostile intruders.