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Active Shooter Training Portland

Preventive Active Shooter Training for Organizations

Empower Your Team

Enable your workforce to cultivate a sense of assurance and autonomy that nurtures an environment grounded in workplace well-being and protection.

Devise an Action Plan

Join forces with our team of industry experts to devise a tailored approach for your organization, leveraging active shooter drills as a means to reinforce vital information and readiness.

Secure Your Organization

Empower your team with the necessary expertise and bolster your facilities to minimize risks and successfully mitigate potential threats.

Ensure Safety & Security through Partnerships with National VIPS

Empowering Portland: Who We Support

If you happen to oversee a business or organization in Portland, chances are high that we can provide our specialized active shooter training services. We serve a diverse array of industries and organizations, encompassing various sectors such as:

Where Our Expertise has Made a Difference

We are available for on-site visits, as well as virtual training sessions.


We are also available for our highly rated Virtual Assesments and Presentation

How National VIPS Stands Out From the Competition

At National VIPS, we are committed to strengthening the foundation of your organization. Our primary goal is to deliver comprehensive training to your staff, ensuring that everyone is equipped with the necessary skills and understanding of protocols to prevent or respond to an active shooter incident. With our highly skilled team, who possess extensive experience in law enforcement and emergency management, we are fully prepared to equip your personnel for potential risks.

Investing in the empowerment of employees is crucial for businesses and corporations to effectively prepare for unexpected events. By providing relevant training, knowledge, and implementing a robust security system, staff members can create a workplace environment that prioritizes safety and fosters confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • National VIPS extends its services to encompass all surrounding counties near Portland including: Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County, Columbia County, Clark County.
  • Gun violence is a major concern in crowded cities all over the United States, and Portland is no exception. In light of a rise in gun-related incidents, businesses in the Portland community are now more aware than ever of the necessity for active shooter training. They understand that such training plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and preparedness for any potential threat.
  • Active shooter training is valuable for businesses and organizations of all sizes. While medium-to-large-sized corporations can make the most of their larger workforce and complex operations, there's no need to meet a specific employee count to qualify for National VIPS' active shooter training. It's open to all organizations, recognizing the importance of preparedness and safety for everyone, regardless of their size.