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Active Shooter Training Seattle

Safety First: Equip Your Team with Active Shooter Training

Empower Your Team

Empower your team to develop the confidence and independence needed to foster a culture of safety and security within the workplace.

Devise a Plan

Collaborate with our industry experts to create a customized strategy for your organization, utilizing active shooter drills to emphasize critical knowledge and preparedness.

Keep your Organization Safe

Equip your team with knowledge and fortify your premises to mitigate risks and effectively deter hostile attacks.

Joining Forces with National VIPS & Ensure Ultimate Security

Empowering the City of Seattle: The People We Help

If you are responsible for a business or organization in Seattle, there is a strong probability that we can offer our expertise in active shooter training. We cater to a wide range of industries and types of organizations, some of which include:

Across the Map: Our Safety Training Locations

We are available for on-site visits, as well as virtual training sessions.


We are also available for our highly rated Virtual Assesments and Presentation

How National VIPS Stands Out From the Competition

National VIPS is dedicated to fortifying your organization from the inside out. Our objective is to provide comprehensive training for your staff members, ensuring that everyone understands the highest standards of procedures for preventing or responding to an active shooter incident. With our skilled team, boasting extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and emergency management, we are well-equipped to prepare your personnel for potential risks.

Investing in the empowerment of employees is paramount for businesses and corporations to effectively prepare for unexpected events. By instilling relevant training, knowledge, and implementing a robust security system, staff members can cultivate an environment of safety and confidence in the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • National VIPS extends its services to encompass all surrounding counties near Seattle including: Snohomish County, Pierce County, Kitsap County, Thurston County, Skagit County.
  • Gun violence remains a significant concern in densely populated cities across the United States, including Seattle. In response to a surge in gun-related incidents, businesses in the Seattle community have become increasingly cognizant of the need for active shooter training, recognizing its critical importance in promoting safety and preparedness.
  • Active shooter training offers advantages to businesses and organizations of any scale. Although medium-to-large-sized corporations can benefit from their larger workforce and intricate systems, there are no employee count requirements for eligibility for National VIPS' active shooter training.