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Active Shooter Training for Businesses

Do your employees have the tools, knowledge and confidence to feel safe?

When business owners and managers think about safety, they often consider strategies to avoid conflict in the workplace. While this is a good start, it does little to prevent active shooter situations from occurring.

For this reason, it is extremely important that businesses of all sizes provide their staff with training to identify red flags, prevent active shootings, and react with effective strategies to reduce harm and damages.

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Is Your Business Prepared For the Unthinkable?

While the chances of your business being the victim of an active shooter are relatively small, you could make the same argument about fires or floods. Does this mean that you shouldn’t get insurance? Of course not.

Instead, you should prepare for the unthinkable to prevent or, at the very least, greatly reduce the consequences of an active shooter incident.

With National VIPS, you can get the knowledge and training required to keep your organization safe and minimize the risk associated with active shooters or other violent intruders.

With NationalVIPS you give to the people of your organization the knowledge and training to keep them safe and minimize the dangers associated with an active shooter attack.

Why Businesses of All Sizes Need Active Shooter Training

Unless you have completely ignored the news, you know that shootings in public places and businesses are on the rise. Though businesses with more foot traffic are typically bigger targets, it all depends on the intent of the shooter.

Some violent individuals are former or even current employees of a company that decides to cause violence in the workplace. As a result, virtually every business with a physical location and staff can benefit from active shooter training.

What You Will Learn

Workplace Active Shooter Training

National VIPS creates each training course based on the needs of your business.

You will learn all of the following during your course:

Expert knowledge to help identify potential red flags or indications of violence in the workplace

Behavioral warning signs of violence in individuals (including coworkers, clients, vendors, or complete strangers)

After an included vulnerability assessment, get guidance and advice to reduce risk

The most up-to-date strategies for taking immediate action to reduce injuries and minimize casualties in the event of a violent incident

Nuanced ways to alert staff and others and instruct others to keep people as far away from danger as possible

Lessons on how law enforcement will respond to violent intruders and how to avoid causing issues for them

Why Businesses Trust National VIPS

Our experts work with business every single day to provide clients with best practices to prevent, prepare for, and respond to an active shooter incident. National VIPS offers customized presentations exercises and training courses that are designed to enhance knowledge and grow confidence among your staff members. Being sensitive to the unique needs of our participants, our presentations leave your staff feeling confident and empowered, not fearful. Instead, we provide real-world facts, scenarios and discussion to keep the people of your business safe. This is why businesses across the country choose National VIPS.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, an essential part of our training process is known as the Vulnerability Assessment. We use this assessment to evaluate your business from dozens of angles. From the number of exits in your building to the responsibilities of each staff member, we look at any possible weak points in your existing property and business processes.
  • Absolutely! Our industry experts will work with your leadership team to devise an active shooter plan that works in tandem with your existing workplace safety protocols. This way, you can get the training you need from National VIPS and make it a recurring part of your onboarding process.
  • National VIPS focuses on prevention and de-escalation. In the event that these methods do not work, we also instruct employees on how to deal with armed intruders as safely and efficiently as possible. While physical altercations should be avoided at all costs, they are sometimes necessary to prevent further harm.