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Online Active Shooter Training

Helping to Protect Your Organization Through Virtual Training Courses

Why Online Active Shooter Programs Are So Important

If you watch the news, it may seem like active shooting incidents are happening in every community across the United States. Fortunately, this is not the case. However, the number of reported active shooters is on the rise, and even a quick response from law enforcement is not always enough to prevent casualties if and when an active shooter decides to open fire. As a result, it is more important than ever for businesses and organizations of all sizes to prepare for potential security threats before they happen. Offering this type of life-saving training to all of your employees makes your entire organization safer and more united against the unexpected.

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Active Shooter Preparedness — What You Will Learn

While all staff are encouraged to participate in online active shooter training, National VIPS first conducts a Vulnerability Assessment and initial walkthrough of training materials with your organization’s leadership team. This allows you and other leadership members to analyze the results and take executive actions to enhance overall security as needed.

However, National VIPS offers far more than an assessment of security risks. In addition to learning potential areas of improvement, we offer solutions that are based on the specific characteristics of your business or organization. These solutions are developed based on the initial Vulnerability Assessment, as well as the experience of real industry experts. We do NOT offer pre-recorded, catch-all training; we customize online active shooter training based on the individual needs and circumstances unique to your organization. In short, when you choose to work with National VIPS, you get a fully customized and personalized experience for your company.

Virtual Active Shooter Training With National VIPS

During an online active shooter training session, attendees will learn useful strategies to implement if and when an armed intruder enters the building. This course can be done virtually to ensure that attendees can safely engage with the training online, while still learning the best practices taught by law enforcement and industry experts.

Who Needs Online Active Shooter Training?

You can never be 100% sure when and where an active shooter will strike. And while we do not inflate the chances of active shooter situations happening to you, we also do not ignore the fact that they can occur at random. That said, there are a few industries and organization types that are more often targeted by active shooters, including:

  • – Businesses and workplaces
  • – Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • – Colleges and universities
  • – Government buildings and agencies
  • – K-12 schools
  • – Faith-based organizations

All of the aforementioned organizations can benefit from virtual active shooter presentations because staff members often have busy schedules that are not conducive to in-person training programs.

What Distinguishes National VIPS From Our Competitors

Not only does National VIPS offer both in-person and online active shooter training, but we also emphasize industry expertise as the cornerstone of our services. We do not just provide general information that you can find online. In fact, our instructors have decades of experience in law enforcement and emergency management, ensuring that your staff gets the absolute best training to help prevent and react to an active shooter situation.

Moreover, National VIPS takes the time to really get to know your business before we ever create an online training presentation. In doing so, we can optimize your business processes and security systems to maximize preventative measures and minimize risk factors. Most other providers ignore active shooter prevention and move straight into reactive strategies, but we stand out by emphasizing prevention as the first plan of action. For these reasons, hundreds of businesses and organizations have put their trust in National VIPS for active shooter training.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your staff will get all of the same information whether you choose in-person or online training. The advantage of in-person training is that our instructors can take your staff members through step-by-step processes in their actual workplace. Alternatively, online active shooter training makes it easier to get all or most of your staff to attend training, even if they are working from home.
  • The exact time needed to conduct an online training course will vary based on the size and needs of your company. That said, most online active shooter training programs last for about 1 to 2 hours. This gives our expert instructors enough time to provide useful insights to your staff and allows extra time for questions and open discussions.
  • No, National VIPS does not record sessions, and does not permit anyone to record, rebroadcast, distribute a National VIPS presentation whether provided online or in-person.