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Chardon Ohio Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of the tragic shooting at Chardon, Ohio, High School. It's sad that we have anniversaries for violent incidents that occur in workplaces. Let's remember schools are workplaces for many. From every unfortunate incident we can learn lessons and improve on the future.

The shooting incident at Chardon High School is in the past, let's learn from it, and focus on the future. We can always glance in the proverbial rear-view mirror while moving forward and focusing on what's in front of us in the windshield). Intervention can work.

A passive approach to a violent intruder (traditional lock-down and shelter in place) is not likely to be as effective as a proactive approach like we saw from Coach Hall in Chardon. It's always great to hear about ordinary people who can accomplish extraordinary things when they are empowered to improvise. adapt and overcome.

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