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Faith Based Organizations

Is Your Organization Prepared for the Unthinkable?

Places of worship are a haven where everyone is welcome but violent intruder/active shooter incidents are an ever-present threat to everyone, including faith based communities. With most having little to no security, they are a ‘soft target’.


Acts of violence in houses of worship are rare but no house of worship regardless of size, location and resources is immune to the risk posed by a violent intruder.

Places of worship can ignite a variety of ‘hot button’ factors like religious views and politically fueled anger. Sometimes these can put your religious institution’s safety at risk. How would your institution respond if it came under attack?

​Some houses of worship have violent intruder/active shooter response training available to select or all members, but they are missing essential prevention and preparedness training.

Do your members know what to do if confronted by a Violent Intruder? Are you proactive in preventing incidents and mitigating the harm a violent intruder could do?


Do you have a trained safety or security team?


Our job is to prepare you and your house of worship’s safety and security team to find any vulnerability and to meet the challenge of the violent intruder/active shooter.


We want you to recognize and reduce the threat, but should the worst happen, we want you to have a range of choices available to reduce your chances of being injured and increase your chances of survival.


The National VIPS Violent Intruder Preparedness Training, trains participants to prevent and respond to active shooter/violent intruder incidents.  Participants learn:


  • How to identify risk factors for violence.

  • How to recognize behavioral warning signs of violence in individuals.

  • How to create a customized violence prevention and response program.

  • How to take immediate action to reduce injuries and to reduce the risk of fatalities.

  • How to alert staff and others and how to give them second by second instructions that may save their lives.

  • How local law enforcement will respond and how to not be a problem for them.


Houses of worship should prepare for the risk of violent intruder/active shooter incidents by providing staff and members with proper training.


Questions? How can we help your faith based organization prepare?

4 Simple Steps For a Secure Workplace

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