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THE Classroom Management Book, 2nd edition

management and has appeared in an award-winning video series, The Effective Teacher.


His techniques have been adapted by thousands of educators for success in their schools and classrooms.  He has been called “Mr. Practicality” for his common sense, research-based, no cost approach to managing a classroom for high level student success.

A native of Louisiana, the former Rosemary Tripi matriculated through the Jefferson Parish Public Schools, earning high marks the entire way.  The same drive and astuteness that she demonstrated as a young student has never wavered, enabling the now Dr. Rosemary Tripi Wong to achieve a list of accomplishments that would leave most people breathless.

As an elementary teacher working in the East Baton Rouge Parish Schools, Rosemary struggled with managing a classroom while trying to engender student learning and academic success. 

​It thrilled us when internationally acclaimed authors and educators of teachers Harry and Rosemary Wong invited us at National VIPS to author a section on Surviving a School Active Shooter in their 2nd edition of The Classroom Management Book.  See our contribution on pages 116 and 117 of their new book.


The companion book to THE First Days of Schoolshows in detail how to apply procedures to create a safe place where student achievement thrives.  The updated, 2nd edition will help prevent classroom discipline problems and develop routines where everyone knows what to do.


Harry K. Wong has authored over 30 publications including the leading book in education on how to start THE First Days of School, a monthly column on, a CD set, and books on New Teacher Induction and classroom management.  He has an eLearning course on classroom

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