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Who We Train

National Violent Intruder Preparedness Solutions (NVIPS) provides prevention, preparedness and response solutions and training for government, non-governmental organizations and businesses.


Client Focused Partnership

We are client centered and tailor our services to meet the needs of your organization.  From vulnerability assessments to violent intruder prevention and response training and exercises, we custom build options for you.


Each organization has unique challenges, needs, policies and procedures. We help you develop reality-based prevention and response options. We have partnered with dozens of organizations, schools and businesses throughout the Nation to give them with customized training and preparedness solutions that fit their unique needs.

What if a violent intruder shows up at your workplace, school or place of business?


What is your plan?


Is Your Organization Ready to Respond?

Most recent events have shown that employee training from their organization was key in the survival of employees in an active shooter incident.

From schools, churches, businesses, hospitals and universities, training is vital to increase the safety and survival of your valued employees. 

Our experienced trained professionals offer reality-based and on-site prevention assessments, preparedness and training.


Violent intruder preparedness is a Difficult Topic

In an active shooter incident, the shooter kills two to three people every minute, from the start of the incident until someone or something stops the killer. You will be on your own for the first 9-15 minutes until police arrive. Who are the real first responders?


You need a plan. Let us help you prepare a plan to get you beyond traditional lockdown.


Our mission is to help you survive until the police arrive. Through preparedness and a survival mindset, you can survive.

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